SimplePie 1.5 is now available!

Developers, developers, developers!  Check out the latest development code.  See what's on our to-do lists.

SimplePie Git Repository


Want to take a look at our in-development code? You can view the files on the web, or download them with a Git client like msysgit or GitX. A couple of notes:

  1. The master version is always changing. We try to maintain a relatively stable trunk at all times, but sometimes stuff is just broken.
  2. We only support the current "official" release and the very latest master build. If a bug exists in a master build, make sure you're running the very latest build before reporting it.
  3. You have read-only access to the repository. You do not have the ability to commit changes, although patches and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome at our bug tracker.
  4. New features may not be documented. Function documentation for the trunk build is available, however if you have a question about how something should work, ask in support mailing list.
  5. Get the latest development code. Grab it from Git or download as a tarball.

Get Involved!

SimplePie is an open-source project, and we encourage anyone who is interested to get more involved. Here are some links for getting more involved.

  • Documentation Wiki — The wiki is loaded with documentation, tutorials, code samples and other bits of information contributed by the SimplePie community.
  • SimplePie Support List — Whether you actually need support or not, there's a TON you can learn about using SimplePie simply by subscribing to the mailing list and reading what comes through.
  • SimplePie Development List — This is the development-related mailing list. This is NOT for support issues, but rather for discussions about SimplePie as a development project.
  • Bug Tracker — This is where we keep track of bugs and feature requests for all SimplePie-related projects.
  • IRC Chat — Sometimes questions or issues need a more immediate response, and for that we have our IRC Channel. Looking for an IRC client? We recommend Colloquy for Mac OS X and mIRC for Windows.

Socially Attuned

Add SimplePie as a friend on these popular online services!

  • MySpace — Add us as a friend on this hugely popular social network.
  • Facebook — Join the SimplePie group on Facebook.
  • Viddler — Videos we've been uploading, including screencasts and such.
  • YouTube — SimplePie on the world's most popular video sharing service.
  • Twitter — Keep track of new development by following us.