SimplePie 1.5 is now available!

Support? I don't need no stinking... Well, maybe you do. And that's okay. You're still a beautiful person.

Our Many Methods of Support

Something wrong with your (or our) code? We're here to help.

  • Documentation Wiki — The wiki is loaded with documentation, tutorials, code samples and other bits of information contributed by the SimplePie community.
  • SimplePie Support List — Whether you actually need support or not, there's a TON you can learn about using SimplePie simply by subscribing to the mailing list and reading what comes through.
  • SimplePie Development List — This is the development-related mailing list. This is NOT for support issues, but rather for discussions about SimplePie as a development project.
  • Bug Tracker — This is where we keep track of bugs and feature requests for all SimplePie-related projects.
  • IRC Chat — Sometimes questions or issues need a more immediate response, and for that we have our IRC Channel. Looking for an IRC client? We recommend Colloquy for Mac OS X and mIRC for Windows.
  • Stack Overflow — Like all great programmers, we use Stack Overflow for our programming questions — and you can too! We keep an eye on anything tagged "simplepie", so ask away!