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SimplePie Add-ons

What makes SimplePie Add-ons so cool?

SimplePie Add-ons allow you to add all sorts of cool new functionality to SimplePie without ever having to edit a line of SimplePie! You can leave your file untouched (making it easier to upgrade to newer releases), and still be able to extend it to your heart's delight with cool new functionality!

Is there something that you'd like to SimplePie do that it doesn't already do out-of-the-box? Have you built an add-on for SimplePie that allows it to do cool, new things? This is a list of links for documentation for all of the SimplePie add-ons that we are aware of. Let's try to keep this list alphabetized so that it stays well-organized.

Also, it may be in your best interest to look over the What you should know about SimplePie Add-ons documentation.

Screencast Tutorial

These assume that you're already familiar with using SimplePie, and you've seen the Introduction to SimplePie screencast (on the Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, and Screencasts page).


  • Cache Extras – Additional methods for interacting with your cache.
  • RSS – Contains a category splitting fix in the rss feed.
  • Digg RSS – Easily work with extra data in Digg's feeds.
  • Jaiku RSS – Easily work with extra data in Jaiku feeds including a way to filter out your jaikus.
  • Shopify – Easily work with the custom invoice data in Shopify's feeds.
  • Yahoo! Weather – Easily work with Yahoo's weather feeds.
  • YouTube RSS – Easily work with extra data in YouTube's feeds.
  • Google Calendar – Adds new methods that make it easy to work with Google Calendar feeds.
  • Google Analytics– Adds new methods that make it easy to work with Google Analytics feeds.

Requested Add-ons

  • Better Favicons – Better detecting and caching of favicons.
  • Strip Ads – Returns the strip_ads() functionality that was removed in SimplePie 1.0.
  • Blogger Comments – Parse Blogger comments as part of items.
  • Filter feed items – searches and filters the feed items based on key words.

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