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SimplePie Live!

NOTE: SimplePie Live will be phased out soon. It was a fun experiment but it needs more work and better hardware before it's ready for primetime. Consider SimplePie Live deprecated from this point forward.

SimplePie Live! allows you to add feeds to your websites using only JavaScript. SimplePie Live! was created to make it even easier for people to get started using feeds in their websites by taking care of all of the setup and configuration on our end.

SimplePie Live! is the SimplePie API re-factored as a hosted web service with the feel of modern JavaScript, that provides an AJAX-friendly interface for working with RSS and Atom feeds. With the power of SimplePie available in JavaScript form, you can do all sorts of cool things!

  • Create AJAX widgets out of your feeds.
  • Add a scrolling ticker displaying the latest headlines.
  • Integrate feeds into your existing web applications.
  • Use SimplePie's feed handling in ANY environment, including Java, C#, ASP, Ruby on Rails, Adobe AIR, and Mozilla XULRunner.
  • And much more!

SimplePie Live! will start out serving the developer community first, then over time will become more and more consumer-friendly. We plan to roll out “templates” in the future which will allow people “cut-and-paste” ease when adding feeds to their websites.

Note about service and updates

:!: SimplePie Live! is still in early “Beta”, and as such is not 100% reliable at this point. There will definitely be improvements and enhancements to the service which will be rolled out automatically, causing no work on your part. If we need to roll out an enhancement that will cause compatibility issues, we'll roll it out as part of a new version (new URL for base.js), and will notify you via the SimplePie blog about the updates. Once we launch a new version, we'll keep the old version around for 1 week before shutting off the old version.

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