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SimplePie 1.0 "Razzleberry"

  • RC1 released on 23 June 2007.
  • RC2 released on 1 July 2007.
  • RC3 released on 10 July 2007.
  • Final released on 15 July 2007.
  • 1.0.1 released on 23 July 2007.

New Features

  • New BSD Licensing. This license lets you pretty much do whatever you want, as long as you give us appropriate credit and leave all notices in-place. (RC1)
  • Added set_favicon_handler() to enable the caching and displaying of favicons via get_favicon(). (RC1)
  • Added set_image_handler() to enable the caching and displaying of images in a way that is much safer than the old bypass_image_hotlink() functionality. (RC1)
  • set_javascript() enables you to change the JavaScript query string used in embed(). (RC1)
  • Added strip_comments() to remove HTML/XML comments from feeds as they're being read. (RC1)
  • Added set_stupidly_fast() which disables most of SimplePie's data sanitization, putting it roughly on par with MagpieRSS's data sanitization (and therefore speed!). (RC1)
  • Added get_local_date() that is capable of displaying a locale-specific time/datestamp. (RC1)
  • Added support for W3C WGS84 Basic Geo and GeoRSS. (RC1)
  • Added support for accessing ANY element or attribute in the feed via get_channel_tags(), get_feed_tags(), get_image_tags() and get_item_tags(). (RC1)
  • Added the SimplePie_Category class which adds new methods to get_category() and get_categories(). (RC1)
  • Added support for Flash Video enclosures, and began including the JW Media Player (formerly Flash Media Player). (RC1)
  • Multifeeds support has been integrated directly into the core of SimplePie! (RC1)
  • Faster-loading Flash-based MP3 playback. Falls back to QuickTime. (RC1)
  • Better compliance and support for feed auto-discovery. (RC1)
  • More accurate support for XML mime types (RFC 3023). (RC1)
  • Full support of the date/time parts of ISO-8601. (RC1)
  • Added support for the “Content-Language” HTTP header (RC1)
  • Added the ability to get an item's parent feed via get_feed(). (RC1)
  • Improved Base64 support. (RC1)
  • Complete support for Media RSS (RC1)
  • Partial support for iTunes RSS. We support everything that is relevant to feed management, but there are other things that are simply iTunes specific, and can't be normalized with anything. (RC1)
  • New “widescreen” (16:9) preference for video podcast sizing. Defaults to 480×270. (RC1)
  • Added subscribe_itunes(), which allows for automatic subscribing to podcasts in iTunes. (RC1)
  • Support for as far back as PHP 4.1!
  • Improved support for detecting if content is HTML or plain text. (RC2)
  • More liberal HTTP header parser. Likely to now work in all circumstances rather than just most. (RC2)
  • Added support for non-standard, relative HTTP “Location” headers (1.0.1)

Changes in this Release

  • SimplePie's core has been re-written completely from scratch. (RC1)
  • Changed the method names of several configuration options to match the verb-based names of many of the methods beginning with get_. (RC1)
  • Removed the bypass_image_hotlink(), and replaced it with the much safer and more efficient image caching functionality. (RC1)
  • set_cache_duration() (formerly cache_max_minutes()) now processes in seconds instead of minutes. (RC1)
  • The amount of autodiscovery that SimplePie does can be configured using set_autodiscovery_level(). (RC1)
  • The number of URLs that SimplePie looks at during the autodiscovery process can be configured using set_max_checked_feeds(). (RC1)
  • Removed feed_ from the feed-level methods, so that get_feed_title() becomes get_title(). (RC1)
  • get_description() now prefers summaries, while the new get_content() prefers full content. (RC1)
  • Improved the efficiency of the IDN code. (RC1)
  • Increased the default size of 4:3 video podcasts to 480×360. (RC1)
  • Improved xml:base and XHTML support. (RC1)
  • Improved HTTP/1.1 Status Code support (eg. when we have a bogus status code) (RC1)
  • Removed subscribe_pluck(), as Pluck ended all RSS services in January 2007. (RC1)
  • Removed subscribe_feedlounge() as they also have ended services. (RC1)
  • Removed add_to_smarking() as they have also ended services. (RC1)
  • Multiple improvements to parse_date(). (RC1)
  • Improved support for HTTP/1.1 status codes. (RC1)
  • Removed the strip_ads() functionality, as it really isn't appropriate for Core. (RC1)
  • Significantly improved unit tests. Over 99% compliant on the things we're testing. (RC1)
  • get_id() now always returns a value even if one wasn't in the feed. (RC1)
  • Removed the alternate parameter for get_favicon(). Now, if a favicon isn't found in the default location, we return false. Speeds things up a bit. (RC2)
  • Everything that used to be sha1 hashed is now md5 hashed by default for PHP 4.2 compliance. Users can opt to use sha1 instead if they prefer. (RC2)

Fixes in this Release

  • Bug 270 - Missing CDATA opener (RC1)
  • Bug 403 - PHP4 chokes on invalid characters, while PHP5 passes them. (RC1)
  • Bug 431 - Feed image title in every item is confusing get_title(). (RC1)
  • Bug 483 - Hanging on 404 page. RSS Locator getting invoked? (RC1)
  • Bug 501 - MSN Spaces Live feeds are really slow. Horrid HTML. Tag stripping engine? (RC1)
  • Bug 542 - When feed retrieval times out, SP should use the previously cached version instead. (RC1)
  • Bug 567 - Fatal error in PHP 5.2 (RC1)
  • Bug 587 - Regression. SP Hangs. (RC1)
  • Bug/Patch 853 - fsockopen code problems. (RC1)
  • Bug 859 - Regression on content encoding? (RC1)
  • Fixed <base> for autodiscovery (RC1)
  • Fixed a minor glitch with embedding MP3 files via Flash Media Player (RC2)
  • Improved date handling across the board (RC3)
  • Fixed a number of cURL-specific issues (RC3)
  • Fixed some caching issues for Windows (RC3)
  • Fixed bug introduced with RC3 where favicon URLs were being incorrectly handled when favicon cache file exists but no favicon handler is set (Final)
  • Fixed issues when the HTTP “Location” header is (incorrectly) a relative URI instead of an absolute URI (Final)
  • Fixed issues with get_id() generating inconsistent hash values from refresh to refresh (Final)
  • Fixed some issues where Media RSS support was broken in some circumstances (1.0.1)
  • Fixed the parsing of local feeds (1.0.1)
  • Literally hundreds of other bugs that we failed to document…


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