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Upgrading from Beta 2, 3, 3.1, or 3.2

Several method names were changed between Beta 3 and 1.0 in an effort to have the most logical names for our 1.x releases (since we're planning NO public API breakages through the entire 1.x series of releases). There were no API breakages between Beta 2 and Beta 3, 3.1, or 3.2, so upgrading to 1.0 should be the same as upgrading from Beta 3.x. Beta 2 users should see a remarkable difference in speed and compatibility after the upgrade.

SimplePie Properties

Old name New name
build SIMPLEPIE_BUILD (constant)
error error()
linkback SIMPLEPIE_LINKBACK (constant)
name SIMPLEPIE_NAME (constant)
url SIMPLEPIE_URL (constant)
useragent SIMPLEPIE_USERAGENT (constant)
version SIMPLEPIE_VERSION (constant)

Configuration Options

Old name New name
feed_url() set_feed_url()
enable_caching() enable_cache()
order_by_date() enable_order_by_date()
cache_max_minutes() set_cache_duration()
cache_location() set_cache_location()
enable_xmldump() enable_xml_dump()
set_cache_name_type() set_cache_name_function()
input_encoding() set_input_encoding()
output_encoding() set_output_encoding()
bypass_image_hotlink() Rewritten and replaced by set_image_handler()
bypass_image_hotlink_page() Rewritten and replaced by set_image_handler()
replace_headers() No longer available
strip_ads() No longer available

Feed-Level Methods

Old name New name
get_feed_copyright() get_copyright()
get_feed_description() get_description()
get_feed_language() get_language()
get_feed_link() get_link()
get_feed_title() get_title()
get_image_exist() No longer available
get_version() No longer available
subscribe_feedlounge() No longer available
subscribe_pluck() No longer available

Item-Level Methods

Old name New name
get_category() Now has sub-methods. See SimplePie_Category
get_categories() Now has sub-methods. See SimplePie_Category

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